lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012

NISO visits at Laanila High

In the spring of 2012 three NISO students from Oulu University visited Laanila High School's English lessons telling students about their home countries, customs and about their own studies and work experiences. 

Antonio Caló from Italy, Maxwill Braga from Mexico and Xiyuan Sui from China had all prepared a PowerPoint presentation for their visit and it was really interesting and inspiring to hear their exotic stories from different parts of the world. We all liked the experience a lot! Our students enjoyed the visits and after that Antonio and Xinyuan have also substituted some of our English lessons from time to time. 

We are looking forward to meeting more NISO students at our school soon! NISO members from Gambia, India, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, Romania and Sri Lanka have already expressed their interest for a school visit!

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